Principles of Landscape Design

Introduction Unlike the blank canvases of painters or the solid blocks of raw stone favoured by sculptors, the medium that landscape artists, designers, and architects choose to work with is highly dynamic: a natural setting that changes with the seasons. Striking landscapes, however, do not appear overnight. Along with good planning and sourcing excellent plants … Read more

What Are the Best Plants to Put Around a Pool?


Turning Your Poolside into Paradise A pool can quickly turn your backyard from a typical suburban yard into a private resort. But surrounding it with plants can transform it into a tropical wonderland. However, merely plunking down potted plants alongside your pool is not going to work. There are several factors to consider before putting … Read more

How to Choose the Right Landscaping Company


Your gardening skills may be top-notch, but engaging the services of professional landscapers has numerous benefits. The question is: how do you choose which company to engage? What are the benefits of getting a professional landscaping company? Hiring a professional for your landscaping Perth needs poses several benefits, such as: Expert guidance on both plants … Read more