MIDAS LANDSCAPES Fencing Repairs in Mandurah

The most external part of your property is the fencing, so it’s the first thing that people see. You’d want your home to have a good first impression, so keeping your fence in good shape should be a priority. Not just that, your fence is also the main source of protection against outside dangers. All the more that it’s crucial that the fence is always in excellent condition.

But once in a while, your fence can break. How are they fixed, and how can a contractor for fence repairs in Mandurah help you out? 

Fence Repairs

Repairing a fence usually involves replacing the broken parts. For most fences, usually the broken slats, posts, or pickets are replaced. Sometimes, though, the colours do not match, so you may have to paint over the new sections.

Why Fences Break

Fences break for a variety of reasons. Heavy rains and strong wind, for one, can make it fall. Exposure to heat and sunlight can also affect the structural integrity of your fence. Also, the varying temperatures when seasons change contribute to the materials wearing down over time.

Repair or Replace your Fence?

In any case, repairing your fence is a lot quicker and cheaper than replacing it. So if the damage is small, repair is the best choice.

However, if more than 20 percent of your fence is destroyed, it is best to replace it altogether. For example, if your home has been hit by a hurricane or a flood, the fence may have been completely damaged. Also, old fences that have not been repaired for a long while would also need replacement.

Before making a decision, weigh out the costs and benefits of repair versus replacement.

Once you’ve decided, hire a reputable contractor for fence repairs in Mandurah, like Midas Landscapes. We will help you keep your fence in its best possible state. Call us now and let us know what we can do for you.