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There are many things to consider when installing a pool pavement. Finding the right installers ensures the quality of work, aesthetics, and functionality of your space. It also helps to preserve or increase the value of your property.


Pool Paving Tips

Here are some pool paving tips to help you decide on the construction of your water leisure area:

  1. Consider the format and size

A large pool paver creates the illusion of a more significant outdoor area. The same goes for a simple form.

  1. Choose a light colour scheme

Light colours are better for pools exposed to the sun. This is because they don’t absorb as much heat as dark colours do.

  1. Think about the overall aesthetics

Choose pool paving materials that complement the other areas of your home, both indoor and outdoor. Consider the colour schemes you have, textures, and furniture pieces. Look at the vertical surfaces like adjacent walls or boundaries.

  1. Use a good-quality sealant

The poolside is a harsh environment. It’s exposed to chlorine, salt, and other chemicals, so sealing them with a proper sealant will ensure a long lifespan.

  1. Think about your budget

As with other home renovation projects, you need to keep the cost within your budget. Be sure to scout for durable and cost-effective materials and to find a trusted pool paving installation company.

  1. Ensure a non-slip finish

Your pool pavement’s finish should be a top priority. It shouldn’t be slippery even when wet to avoid accidents.

  1. Have pool paving design options

Here are some of the accessible pool paving tile options:

    • Bluestone. This material is considered high-performance because of its non-slip texture. It's dense and hardwearing and is available in cobblestones and tiles.
    • Limestone. It has a variety of textures and colours that suit different tastes and pool design concepts.
    • Travertine. This material has reliable durability and a classic aesthetic. It's light and warm palette exterior suit both interior and exterior applications.
    • Granite. The bush-hammered finish of this material provides a non-slip texture to pool pavements. Its grey colour easily matches with any design concept.

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At Midas Landscapes Pool Paving Installers Perth, we are committed to treating your home like a sanctuary. We believe it should be cared for, so it remains comfortably and aesthetically livable for many years.

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