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What Exactly is a Pergola?

A pergola is a simple arched structure that provides shade and an area to entertain outside. You'll see pergolas covering walkways or patios. Unlike a gazebo, they don’t have a roof. They may, however, have an awning attached to provide shade.

Traditionally, the archway provides support for plants such as roses and grapes. In summer, the plants offer much-need shade.

There are many different pergola designs and materials. Steel pergolas Perth are the strongest and most durable option. Wooden pergolas are more traditional options but subject to the ravages of the weather. Aluminium patio alternatives are less expensive but are not as sturdy.

Want to learn about the advantages of a metal pergola? Then read on.

Advantages of a Steel Pergola

Considering a metal patio covering? That’s a good choice – steel stands up well over time and provides strong support. Let’s go through all the benefits:

  • Galvanised steel is weatherproof: Galvanised steel won’t rust, fade, or discolour when exposed to the elements. If you’ve got a problem with rising damp, a wooden pole won’t last long at all. Steel will, however, stand up well.
  • Fire-resistant: Considering the dreadful bushfires we battled recently, fire-resistant options make more sense. Check with your local town council. There may be a by-law about using inflammable materials in areas prone to bushfires.
  • The most durable option: The steel will deteriorate over time eventually, but this will take several years.
  • Maintenance is simpler: The steel won’t stain and doesn’t require much maintenance at all. Unlike with wood, you don’t need to strip it down and reapply varnish every few years.
  • Can be painted: One of the most common arguments against using steel is that it looks clinical. Today we can powder-coat it in a range of colours as you choose.

Why We Install Vogue Pergolas

At Midas Landscapes, we want everything we touch to be gold. That’s why we only work with the best. We’ve got exclusive distribution for the elegant Vogue Pergola range.

Why Vogue?

It’s simple – they’re the best.

The frame is made from Duragal® steel. It’s powder-coated with Interpon or Dulux to ensure that the coating looks flawless and is highly scratch- and chip-resistant.

What you’ll fall in love with, though, is how effortlessly the design blends with your outdoor space. The designs conserve space while providing outstanding cover. They look light and airy but will stand up to the worst of our blustery weather.

Why not come in and see for yourself? Let’s set you up with the perfect cover for outdoor adventures.


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