What Are the Best Plants to Put Around a Pool?

Turning Your Poolside into Paradise

A pool can quickly turn your backyard from a typical suburban yard into a private resort. But surrounding it with plants can transform it into a tropical wonderland. However, merely plunking down potted plants alongside your pool is not going to work.

There are several factors to consider before putting in greenery.

What Sort of Plants Should You Use and What Should You Avoid?

Salt-tolerant plants – Check!

In general, poolside plants need to be the low-maintenance sort: drought-resistant specimens that require little to no pruning. Plus, especially if your pool is salt-chlorinated, salt-tolerant plants like cycads, bromeliads, or agave attenuates are your best bets.

Plants with complex root systems – NO!

However, plants that grow complex root systems over time are not the best to use when landscaping a pool zone. They may look fabulous now, but rubber trees, banyans, umbrella trees, and even bamboo can cause damage to underground plumbing systems as well as paving in the long run. Cacti and other spiky plants are also a no-no as these can pose a danger to bare feet and skin.

For Your Consideration

While there are numerous options available, these are the plants best suited for poolside landscaping:

Ground Cover to serve as a lawn surrounding the pool

  • Mondo grass
  • Silver Falls dichondra
  • Blue chalk-sticks
  • Catmint

Mid-level Planting

  • Gardenias
  • Coastal rosemary / regular rosemary
  • Cycads and philodendrons

Natural Privacy Screens

  • Bay laurel
  • Olive
  • Coastal banksia

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